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Updated:21 Aug 2017 03:31:00 PM(IST)

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Cipla ready to launch low-dose Efavirenz 400 mg
Cipla announced its readiness to supply its combinations Tenofovir/ Emtricitabine / Efavirenz and Tenofovir/ Lamivudine /Efavirenz with a dose of 400 mg of Efavirenz as a first-line initial therapy for HIV infection.

Studies now support the use of Efavirenz 400 mg as a substitute for Efavirenz 600 mg in cases where there is no co-infection with tuberculosis. Efavirenz 600 mg is currently used in antiretroviral therapy (ART) and is highly effective. However, it is known to have significant side effects, which can be very distressing for those taking it for treatment of HIV infection. Efavirenz 400 mg, with the same efficacy, is much better tolerated. It is expected that this improved formulation will help improve patient adherence as well as significantly reduce the cost of treatment. In addition it will also significantly reduce the pill size.

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