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Updated:18 Aug 2017 03:31:00 PM(IST)

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Delivery-based Trading

Delivery based trading is normally considered as a safer approach for trading in shares when compared to day trading. Delivery based trading involves buying shares on a market day and selling them only after receiving the delivery of those shares in demat account.

Things Investors Should Know About Trading
Standing Instruction
In order to receive credit into the demat account it is important to submit the "Receipt-in form", which is similar to filling in pay-in slips to receive credit into your bank account. Standing Instruction is a facility provided for the convenience of the investors, where in an investor who has opted for this facility doesn't need to submit the receipt in forms every time he wants to buy securities. However, this facility is discretionary and can be availed only when an investor opts for it.

Delivery Instruction Slip (DIS)
DIS of a depository account is similar to a cheque book of a bank account, which is needed to be submitted by the investor whenever he wants to sell securities. When opening a depository account, investor must ensure that:
  1. DP issues a DIS book.
  2. Every slip contains a pre-printed DIS slip acknowledged by the DP.
  3. The account number (Client ID) must be pre-stamped on every slip.
  4. All the account holders sign the instruction slip, in case it is a joint account.
  5. They don't leave signed slips with the broker or sub-broker, or any other person.
  6. DIS slip is kept in a secured place when not in use.
  7. The remaining space in the DIS slip is striked out, if only one entry is made, to prevent its misuse.
  8. Target Account ID, Client ID and other details in the slip are personally filled in by the investor himself.
Giving Delivery Instruction to the DP over Internet
Well known as SPEED-e and EASI, this facility (provided both by NSDL and CDSL) enables an account holder to deliver instructions to the DP over Internet, eliminating the need to submit DIS to the DP. This facility can be availed by paying necessary charges.

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