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Derivatives Stock-watch

Derivatives Stock-watch provides price and other contract related information for various underlying assets traded on the Exchange in derivatives market segment (i.e. futures and options). Information accessible through Derivatives Stock-watch is:-

As on 01-Dec-2010 15:50:01 Hours IST
Instrument Type Underlying Expiry Date Option Type Strike Price High Price Low Price Prev Close Last Price Number of contracts traded Turnover in Rs. Lakhs Underlying Value
Instrument Type The type of contract i.e. Index Futures (FUTIDX),Stock Futures (FUTSTK), Index Options (OPTIDX) and Stock Options(OPTSTK).
Underlying The stock or index involved in the contract.
Expiry Date The date on which the contract automatically comes to an end.
Option Type There are two types of options, namely, Call option or CE (gives the option buyer the right to buy) and Put Option or PE (gives the option buyer the right to sell).
Strike Price Price at which the option can be exercised.
High Price Highest trade price for the underlying on a given day.
Low Price Lowest trade price for the underlying on a given day.
Previous Close Closing price for the underlying on the previous day.
Last Price Price at which the last trade for the underlying was executed on a given day (i.e. closing price).
Number of Contracts Traded Total number of contracts traded on a gven day.
Turnover (Rs. Lakhs) Total value of the contract executed on a given day.
Underlying Value Value of the underlying for a particular contract on a given date.

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